Latest move in mobile enterprise ‘Game of Thrones’ well worth watching

IBM and Apple’s recent enterprise pact on building and distributing exclusive industry-specific applications built on iOS is an eye-catching example of big players trying to ‘disrupt the disrupters’


Firstly, the touted vertical market apps could secure Apple’s iOS market share in a recovering enterprise sector. Apple’s share vs. Android in the enterprise is the key enabler. IBM breaks into high-growth, data-intensive iOS apps, combining its leading analytics with a high rolling consulting and integrator path to the top floor C-Suite.

In return, Apple recruits an enterprise-proven sales partner without having had to tackle the mega-corporations themselves beyond its PR ensuring the iPhone6 is top of mind for the busy executive.

Apple and IBM claim to be creating 100+ industry-specific apps for the iPhone and iPad and IBM’s established cloud services such as mobile device management (MDM), security and data analytics will be increasingly optimised for iOS. 

What’s the relevance for communications technology providers?

You can bet that voice, video, messaging, presence and location services will all factor into this alliance, layered with a ‘big data’ applications and services wrap, setting CxO agendas in the enterprise for some time to come, and making it harder to get the required attention at board level. 

Whether you are a global telecoms provider, a systems integrator, an enterprise software player or a red hot start-up the bar potentially just got set a little bit higher for everyone involved in selling to the bigger enterprise.



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